Urdu Beauty Tips for Elbows

Mostly women neglect their elbows during make up. The black spots on the elbows disturb the prettiness of arms and hands; therefore you should use the sap of lemon regularly in order to enhance the beauty of your hand. The application of sap of lemon makes your elbow soft and white.

Beauty tips for elbows and arms in Urdu

Elbows beauty tips


Procedure to apply for arms beauty:

  • In order to soft your hard skin, take powder form Almond. Mix a little bit sap of lemon in it.
  • After that, massage your elbow with this ingredient.
  • Wash your elbows with half boiled water after 5 -10 minutes.
  • Moreover, to make up your elbow attractive, completely apply Gold cream at elbow before your make up.
  • Talcum powder is a necessary ingredient to be used. Now remove these creams with tissue.
  • Practice this tip for one week.
  • Your complete attention and care will result in nourishing your elbow color and prettiness.
  • Another tip you should adopt to protect your arm and elbow is that you should wear full arm dresses. This will save your arm from any kind of dust and sun exposure.

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