Urdu Beauty Tips about Steam makes the Face Glow and Beautiful

Nature is so beautiful and by inspiring it we love to be a beautiful. For that purpose we indulge in a multiple task and buy different beauty products for the skin. If you are interested to make your profile attractive and shining then you must follow the beauty tips which are that. Initially wash your face and dry it clearly with towel. After that apply cold cream on your face and use a steam by using a tam chini bowl. With the help of towel lid the bowl completely so that steam stay there. Use haze on your face, this process not only clear spot from the skin but it can solve multiple issues of nose also. If you put a salt on it then it will be fruitful for the disease of flu. Make it sure that after doing this act not to go in the cold environment, it will be harmful for the skin. Complete beauty tip is given below in Urdu. you can read it here and can know of t.

beauty of face by steam


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