Urdu Article Depression in Females and Children and its Effects

Sabahat Butt a very good female writer wrote here beautiful article. She discussed a very important issue of people in which we are getting involved. Depression is a word of “English” language which mean is tension, unpleasant, sorrow, sadness and upset. Now a day people are indulging and wasting you by getting depressed. Women and children are more involve in this problem. Technology is going very fast and latest thing and products are made. We desire and wish to acquire and use these things. Due to lack of sufficient budget we are unable to buy these materials and get tense. It is a habit and nature of human when he/she wants something and could not be able to buy it then they suffer a sorrow. Women are soft nature human who gets upset early. Ladies are a most important source of economy because they build and make nations. When they acquire tension due to shortage of resources then they would not be able to build and grow their children. Kids are innocent and sentimental personality. You can see when they are unable to fulfill their desire thing they get disturb and try to cry. A complete column related to depression is given below in Urdu, you can read it here.

Urdu Article about Depression

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