Urdu Artical By Abdul Qadir Sheikh(Islami Moashray Mein Ikhlaq Ki Ehmiat)

              Importance Of Good Attitude In A Muslim Society article in Urdu

This article is about behavior which is so important in Islamic society because Islam teaches this subject. All religions focus on attitude. Our religion also gives us the lesson of being a true Muslim. Qur’an says which meanings is that don’t make violence on others, no backbiting, no Dishonesty by shopkeeper during sale and every person must possess decent manner while sitting with others. If everybody starts acting upon these subjects they will be successful in this world and disciplined culture can be developed. Different verses of many topics have been quoted here which are a sort of light in the dark for us. These guides are enough for an ordinary man to have a blessed life. We have been asked to avoid selfishness and arrogance. These two evils lead toward hell. All dislike them most. It has been said that those who are the true obedient creatures, they remain polite with everyone and pay regards to all. Everyone has some rights and some duties as well. We should focus on that and must try to fulfill those duties. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

islami muashrah

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