Urdu Totkey For pain

Here you can find some important domestic remedies (totkey) in Urdu, these are for allergy, blood pressure, diabetes, knee pain, joint pain and skin disease.

  • When sneezing start and water flows form nose. Then take 4-5 leaves of eucalyptus and grind them. Carry these grinded leaves near to your nose and inhale long breath. Do this process for 15 minutes. Continue this practice for 4-5 days until you will not recover completely. Inshallah you will recover soon due to this process.
  • If you take mint, ginger and pomegranate seed sauce with lunch, it will be fruitful for blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Take fresh and piled ginger and put it in a one cup of boiling water and drink it. It will eradicate your knee pain and make you fresh.
  • Peach is juicy fruit which is basically originate from china and is highly consumed in America. It eliminates hotness of your body. It is full of vitamin A, B, C. Iron, calcium and phosphorous. It Cleans blood in the body, help to reduces blood pressure, digests food and skin diseases. It plays an important role in softening the blood vessels.
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