Tips In Urdu For Hair Dandruff In Winter Season

Good and healthy hairs make your personality attractive. It gives you a type of comfort when you get long curls. There are many problems for those who posses it like dandruff. They start falling and become totally rough. It is an issue for both the male and the females. It appears due to lack of water in body. In winter season it increases due to less usage of water. If you use these simple and easy tips you can solve your these problems. The reason could be the oily skin of head or unhealthy food. But there is no need to worry because there are solutions which are easily available and can assist you.


Take 8 spoons of lemon juice and mix it in your curls for some time, then wash it after 2 or three hours. It will eliminate the curse of dandruff.

Eggs paste can be utilized on head for few hours. Make a shampoo of these ingredients and utilize it properly. This will give an extra shine to your locks.

Take merry leaves and put it into the water for the whole night. Add vinegar into it and then mix it and make your locks more pretty.

All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                  Best Solution And Simple Tips For Hair Dandruff

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