Tips In Urdu For Face Beauty in Summer

First of all use glasreen, Rose water and lemon juice and filled it in a clean bottle after that retain it in a fridge for some time. You can apply it as a toner on face and neck. Now take a 2 slice of tomatoes, it will minimize an effect of heat from body. Take a one spoon of dry milk & rose water and make a solid mixture of it. You can utilize this mask and it will construct your color beautiful. Construct a mixture of almond powder by putting it in eggs. Apply it for 20 minutes before sleeping and watch it with cold water. If you want to look charming then employ a cucumber on eyes and face. If there is a wrinkle and black spot then you can employ a canceller on it. If your hairs are dry use on it henna twice a month. It will build your hair shin able and healthy. Complete important and valuable beauty tips are given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can make yourself lovely an attractive.

beauty in summer tips

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