Tilawat E Quraan

Quran is not only a book of dignity but also provide guidelines to spend life. Allah revealed this holy Book on his last Prophet (PBUH). This Holy text revealed so that the people read it and pay attention on it,  and think that what the message God wants to convey. We should know the purpose of revealing of the It. We should read it and understand it that what Holy book is telling us. We can know that what is wrong and right if follow Its teachings. This Holly Text is like a bright lamp which guide us that tell us which way will be the right path.
Why Muslims have not good repute in the world nowadays? The reason is that we have forgotten Quran and its teachings. We have involved in other activities that we cannot give time to this Message of Allah.
Further detail about the importance of Qur’an in our lives is given below in Urdu by Hafiz Akif Saeed.

tilawat e quran

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