Tikki Burger Recipe In urdu

Urdu Recipe For Tikki burger

Burger is a fast food and it is favorite for youngsters. Although it is a western food yet in east it is also very famous and with new names and different tastes in eastern countries. This is very Delicious one and it can be prepared very easily. Small chains are going at peak in these servings. It takes very minimum time to eat it. It is also eaten sometimes to save the time. The concept started with the same in the foreign countries. The procedure to prepare and ingredients are given below:


Potato 250 grams meshed, two boiled eggs, coriander two and salt one spoon, black pepper and spices half spoons, potato one in round shape, mint coriander, cucumber 1, slices as per need, salad 1 leaf.


Put all the ingredients in a cup and mix them well. Make a paste of all the things. Then mix rest of the items. Now start frying it carefully. Then make a role of the paste and fry it in the pan. Now cover it with tomatoes and cucumbers. Burger is ready to be served to the guests. Hopefully you will like these guidelines as these make the procedure so simple. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

burger tikki


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