Tasty And Easy Recipe Of Bread Chicken Role For you

This recipe is easy and simple and you can make it for tea party.  Chicken recipes are prepared in variety and in large number. You can also prepare it for your children as like their school lunch. The elements employed in it are very tasty and provide the healthy outcomes. This will give you a good experience of cooking at home. You should try it at least once.


Take Chicks half kg, 2 potatoes in bigger size, 4 eggs, 2 onions, butter half cup, coriander and mint as per taste. Take 8 to 10 Black peppers and salt according to taste. Get 20 bread slices and cooking oil.


Boil the poultry and mesh the potatoes separately. Separate the bones and make pieces of the rest of it. Peal the eggs and convert them in to pieces. Cut the coriander, onion and mint. Put all these things in a big pot and mix them. Then add butter and peppers in it. Then change it into a thick mixture by mixing all the elements. Cut the sides of the breads and paste water on it slightly. Role all of them carefully and push slightly. Then put it into the fridge for an hour at least. Then pick them back and cook into oil until it become brown. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

chicke roll


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