Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman is a very noble and gentleman. He is religious person. He is working as a chairman of “Central Roet-e-Hilal Committee” in Pakistan. He earns his fame by having plenty of knowledge on Ahadees and Tafseer-e-Qur’an. He has experienced of more than 30 years on different subject. He was a professor of Hadith and Fiqah. People admired him and ask solution of problems. He listened persons problems and then provide then answers according to the Ahadees and Tafseer of Qur’an. There are some questions which discussed are,

  • Women evidence and divorce:

A man was not orally as well written gave a divorce to her wife. His wife agrees with him that he didn’t give it to me. This women sister is saying this man gave it to her?

  • Needy or Unneeded:

In this time it is not possible to know who is needy and who is professional. Beggars are everywhere. How to give them charity?

These questions are discussed here with full of reference. You can read it here a complete discussion in Urdu and know a right thing related to these matters.


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