Tafheem-Ul-Masail by Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman

Islam is a complete and pure religion. When you stay happy and tension less then you need to come in this religion and act according to their teaching. Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman is a well-known and noble personality of Pakistan. He has huge amount of religious knowledge. He is a current chairman of “Roet-e-Hilal Committee”. He is serving for Pakistan and resolving all the important issues. He has more than 30 year of experience of teaching different subject. He is talking lectures of “Hadith and fiqa”. He served as a lecturer of “Arabic Literature”. He is an author of different book which he was written. There are some issues which are facing by the people. They ask question on them and he gives answer according to the references of “Qur’an-o-Ahadees”. Some questions are,

Say mother or sister to Wife:

  • If a person says his wife to Mom or sister or anyhow in some cases one says you are like my Mom etc. What is the order on it?

Shroud of Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW):

  • How were a Shroud of Holly Prophet (SAWW) and how many cloths are used?

Namaz-e-Janaza of Hazrat Khadija (Radi Allahu Anhu):

  • Was Namaz-e-Janaza of Hazrat Khadija (Radi Allahu Anhu) offered?

Complete answers of these questions are given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can aware of these important matters.


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