Strange News about Sega Company

Craziness make one’s able to take certain steps which are very dangerous and below the moral character. We are listening a bundle of news about the theft and murder around the world. It’s all belong to the currency and persons want them to get by any means. News is for the SAGA gaming company which has lost her data from the hacker’s attacks. It was saying it a cyber-attack and it was extremely dangerous as they lost information of 1,000,000 customers due to that act. According to the report company make aware to their customers about the hackers act. Organization said they get names, date of births and their personal passwords. But the information of credit cards have been safe. Credit cards information were save on the different location that’s why it weren’t be revealed to them. On the same structure one of the Sony organization were damaged, and they were lost the data of 10 Crore consumers. By seeing it we should be well aware of them. We know most of our personal details which may relate to business or personal can be lost due to these unethical act. Complete news related to SAGA Game Company is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information of it.

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