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Many people like to eat meal in hotels for feeling of changed environment. They use to go on famous and best places for this purpose. A lot of money is spent to enjoy. There is place in Netherlands which has been converted to a hotel from a jail. We normally cannot think even to go to a place which is for prisoners. The idea worked and now it is a five star luxury lodge. People are ready to avail this service on any demanded price. Visitors from the other countries and persons from inside the state also come to see it. It has become a source of enjoyment and amusement. Now it’s a dream for man to go there. It is now a trend to go outside and have meals over there. This is a stunning platform for those who love to sit outside and want to have good meals. This building was sealed in 2007 but now it is a great show of designing work. It has been decorated very beautifully. Tourists wish to spend a night here and add it in to their experience list. Many countries are a source of attraction for the tourism activities and this state is one of them All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Jail Building Of Netherlands, Now A Five Star Hotel

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