Some Urdu Jokes For Lot Of Fun

In this tough period of life you want some time for enjoyment. You do many things for this purpose as like watching movies, listening music etc. Many of us read jokes to entertain ourselves. Jokes give laughter on your face and this beautiful thing is useful for the health. The overall conditions of the states are very upsetting. People are dipped in to financial crises. In such scenario one must have some ways of getting happiness. For this purpose the small comics provides you something to cherish. It is observed that the person with humorous personality is liked by others. It is also a fact that people who bring happiness on others faces are sometimes broken from their inner side. It is the character of a personality and his attribute to make others smile. From the very ancient days it is a tradition to prepare funny characters and stories imaginably on the topics of teacher and student. Friends are also the cause of humor for male and females. We spend hours in games and such other activities to utilize our leisure time. These are a type of entertainment as like games playing, watching TV, movies and Reading books etc. These Urdu comics are also helpful for kid’s excitement and you can read it. These will be a source of smile for you in your busy routines also.

 Urdu Lateefy For Entertainment

Urdu Lateefy

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