Siyasat Ka Dil Khul Raha Hai Column By Javed Chaudhry

This column was written by a famous Pakistani writer Javed Chauhary on 28th March 2013 on Najam Sethi. Changing times of Governments have been discussed in this article. He was offended by the politicians for many acts. He is the only journalist of Pakistan who is so close to the big guns in the country and also facing the anger of few from them. He was sent to Jail and his book Jinnah Se Ziaa Tak was also published against the corruptions of Politicians. Foreign countries took notice of the issue and favored him to bring him out of Jail. Malik Riaz is known as his sparrow because he provides the internal news about politics. His selection as Punjab Governor is a great change in politics. Noon league and People party were against him but both parties accepted him for this post. This article has two sides, the dark and the bright. The good thing in the story is that both the political parties accepted his name as care taking chief and prime minister with open heart. Many other notable personalities are also discussed here. These all personalities are somehow connected with him. The details are given in Urdu below and you can read that.

Urdu Column On Governor Of Punjab Najam Sethi

Jinnah Se Ziaa Tak book

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