Showbiz News In Urdu

Businesses in the world are increasing rapidly. There are a lot of businesses which are established around the globe and a person earns a lot of income due to these businesses. Film industries are creating a very positive image. This industry is creating a bundle of turnover not only for their workers but for the benefit of their own. Lollywood is a wonderful Pakistani Movie company which is releasing a bundle of pictures for people. This company is working for entertainment of persons. “Bol” a Pakistani film which shakes this company. It increases their customer day by day. It was a first picture of our country who earns much fame. Concept of this flick is to show a life style of traditional home. Story is related to girl who was busy to save her life. She belongs to house where it is bad to consider of a girl birth. Complete news related to this wonderful topic is given below in Urdu; you can read it here and get an idea what kind of this picture is.


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