Sheer Khurma Recipe In Urdu

Recipe For Sheer Khurma In Urdu

It is a sweet dish. In India and Pakistan it is the necessary item of Eid. The procedure to make it is very simple. One can easily understand it. It is a very cherish-able food. It is a trend in the sub-continent to prepare variety of foods to serve the guests. Events are properly celebrated with many types of edibles.


Milk 4 cups, 3 cardamoms, 4 to 6 spoons sugar, Rooh kiora, seviyan and pistachio 1 cup.Dip the kishmish and almond in the water.


Cook milk, sugar and cardamom at light fire until it becomes thick. Add seviyan in it and mix rest of the ingredients as well. The sweet Khurma is ready. It can be served hot and cool as well, it depends on the choice of the person. Present in a beautiful plate. Hopefully you will admire it. You can make it at home with greater convenience and ease. Everyone will applaud your effort. Such sweet dishes are normally liked more in the month of Ramzan and in dinners. The whole days fasting make it more precious and worthy. It is also used in the ceremonial gatherings and small sittings at home. Sometimes it is correlated with weather also. All the procedure is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

sheer khurma


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