Shahrukh Khan Early Life News In Urdu

Shahrukh Khan School Days and Upcoming Movie News In Urdu

In India these days many films are under process which are on the lives of legendary players. The reason is to give tribute to all those great players. Shahrukh is also a good athlete and he love cricket and hockey. In his early times he was part of both these games and played a major role in a film “Chak dy India”. In this picture he made the team the number one and won the world cup. In his real life he was a sports man and played at zonal level competitions. It is in the news that he is going to make another movie on the life of Dian Chand who was a great hockey player. He met with son of the said player to know the realities. His all movies are cherished by the audience. These broke the business records and super hit in the box office at their times. People are waiting and want to confirm that either this information is true or not. If it’s true then it will be watchful to see him in a new character. His acting is liked by everyone. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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