Shab e Meraj Islamic Wallpaper for Wishing

Religion has a lot an importance in our life. We believe to be a better person when we follow proper messages of Allah and Mohammad (SAWW). There are multiple religious rules and regulation which is surviving around the globe. People has belief on their own religion. Islam is a most prominent and real worship all over the world. It teaches us how to survive and how to deal with the people. It teaches us how to earn and how to trade for the survival of lives on the earth. Our Holly Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) make us clear about everything which is necessary and valuable for our souls. There is a lovely picture of Islam. This wallpaper is representing a time of Rajab. 27th Rajab there was a journey of our last prophet (SAWW) to the Jerusalem and Heaven from Mecca. It was a great journey anyone can ever listen until this time to the paradise. This wonderful picture is displaying our central point of Khana Kaba. You can watch this most beautiful wallpaper here and can display it on your desktop.

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  1. SYED ATHAR HUSSAIN June 29, 2011

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