Scrub Preparation At Home In Urdu

Tips In Urdu For Making Scrub At Home

In summers, the skin becomes oily due to hot weather. The shining look fades away. Females utilize scrub for solving this problem. In the market it is available in high prices. What if, this is prepared independently? It will be much more convenient. It is not much difficult process. One can easily make it at home safely.


Take 5 spoons of pulses. Dip it in the milk for an hour. Grind this mixture after an hour. Now take sugar and grind it as well. Now mix the both pastes. It is ready to be used. It will enhance your beauty. Your visage will be glowing right after the usage. It has a lot of benefits. Females will be happy to see this information. As they remain busy in house work, so they do not need to visit the market specially for purchasing this high priced item. It will save their time. These days’ boys also utilize it to enhance their facial charm. Beauty salons are providing all these services equally to the men and women. Hopefully you will admire this effort. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

scrub making urdu

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