Roast chicken shan dong recipe in urdu


  • Chicken 750g
  • Ginger 50g
  • Soya Sauce 750ml
  • Onion 75g
  • Fennel Seeds 25g
  • Vinegar 25ml
  • Salt According to Need


Clean a hen meat by washing it after that paint it by mixing soya sauce, salt and vinegar then set it aside for one by putting all spices like onion, ginger and fennel seeds.

Cooking Procedure:

Heat oil in a pan then deep fried it by including a chicken on it until its color change into brown then put oil away from it by vanishing fire. Fill hen meat by putting all the spices. A full recipe of tasty meal is given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can make a tasty dish for a family.

chicken shan dong rost


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