Research News Longest Classic Sandwich in Maxico

Humans are very crazy to do something different. We have seen and listen a lot of things and news of divergent thoughts and talent. There is a Guinness book of records, where world data is registered and store. There are plenty of people that performs a certain act. This action is unusual and amazes to people, how it can be possible. According to news Mexico, there we had seen a record of world biggest sandwich. It is 53 meters long and for the preparation of it 50 chefs worked to gather. For doing this work huge quantity of bread, cheese, salad leaf, tomatoes and mayonnaise are utilized. When it was prepared, there were thousands of persons, who were watching this huge Sandwich. Guinness book has registered it, because of it extraordinary size.  Complete news related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and get knowledge of it.

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