Research News in Urdu

New ideas and concepts are a part of life. Without creativity global structure will be disturb. There are plenty of genius mind who are busy to introduce a new thing in front of world. Scientists are a most important part of our society and government specially care them they provide all the important resources which they need. They are real assets of our globe and we should admire their efforts. According to report of London salt is very useful to be safe from a heart attack. This news make people shock that it was communicated that its excessive quantity is harmful for health. By using it more than your requirement it will suddenly increase your blood pressure and chances of heart attack would be increased. Nut now researcher declared it wrong that and said we should be consumed it more quantity than now. Patient are double minded in this situation that either to consume it or not. According to this report consuming more quantity of it not to save you from heart attack but it can be save you also from a brain stroke. Complete news related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and know complete reason behind it.

salt news in urdu

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