Research News In Urdu For Mobile Wallet

Creativity is an art that make ones very famous. In the mechanic world, you can see everyone is fast. We are busy to change the society. It is a basic reason, we are seeing new products are developing in the globe. Mobile phone is becoming a most important part of life. Without it one’s can never even imagine to qualify in the race of lives. Everyone has or wanted to have a cell to compete here. Google is a global giant in society of businesses. They have introduced a mobile phone wallet, which can be used to pay bills. According to this customers can pay their utility by waving their cells in front of cash card machine. It going to be say that this technology will be introduced in the upcoming year. This technology will be on the Google android systems. It has explained that we are gathering both off and on line system of trade on a one plate form. Complete news related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know it well.


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