Recipe Of Delicious Mix Fruit Ice Creme In Urdu

As summer spell is coming and cold items are the most favorite dishes of everyone. People also like to eat it in winters. Especially children and youngsters are very crazy about it. It is available in different flavors in market. People purchase and use as a sugary dish in meal. There is an easy recipe of fruit for you all. Simple and useful ingredients are part of this recipe. You should try to make it in your home and enjoy tasty and cool fruits flavor. The procedure is given below


3 mangoes and bananas, 4 chikoos, 1 kg milk and rabri, track and almond 25 grams each. 2 cup sugar, cardamom 2 opened pieces. Grind these elements properly.


Mix every item and shake it well. Heat up the oil on light fire. Then add rabri in it until it becomes hard. Then freeze the liquid and place track on it and adorn it with almond. Your tasty sweet dish is ready to be served. This can be served to guests as well. This can be prepared for gatherings and sittings with friends. It is very easy to make on. One can easily have it with a little effort. These type of things are mostly preferred in small gatherings. Hopefully you liked it. All the instructions are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Special Ice Creme Gift For Summer Season

mix fruit ice cream


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