Recipe Of Chut Putta Chicken In Urdu

Many types of tasty meals are prepared in India and Pakistan. Females are considered as expertise in it. They serve the guests with variety of meals and dishes. It has become a heritage of sub continent. Spicy chicken is the perfect way to warm up on cold winter day. A lot of people in the world like spicy foods. The benefits of eating it is that it will uphold only if you are cooking it properly. The lean meat also has the capability to stimulate  growth and development of the body. Chut Putta Chicken is the most famous recipe. Its easy to make and very amazing flavor.


Take 4 pieces of chicks, along with salt and turmeric as per taste. Turmeric and garlic paste a spoon. Powder 1.5 spoon. 2 lemons and extract the juice, mayonnaise and oil 1 big spoon. Spices according to need.


Wash the poultry chick properly and mix garlic, turmeric, salt to make a paste of lemon juice. Now paste it on poultry and add mayonnaise in it. Put it on the light fire for 5 minutes. Cook it until its color changes in to red. Do the same with both sides and your favorite dish is ready. Present it to the guests in neat utensils. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                        Delicious Chicken Recipe In Urdu

chat pata chicken


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