Recipe Of Chicken In Urdu Hurri Murghi

There are many recipes of chicken which are liked by people in meals. It is a tasty food and specially children are fond of eating poultry due to its delicious taste and smooth meat properties. One of the benefits of eating chicks is that it contains the lean meat which provides protein. Scientists have discovered that it has the capacity of helping to lose weight. The ingredients and procedure to prepare it are given here.


Hen 1 kilo gram, Yougurt 2 cups, 2 Onions of medium size, 5 black peppers, Ginger semi inch piece, Garlic 10 pieces, cumin seed, big cardamon 3 pieces, small cardamon 5 parts, mint half stick,dark coriander half piece and oil one cup


1st put the Ghee in a wide pan along with Cumin, illaichi and boil it. Then put the chick and fry it well and separate at the end. Put the spices, onion, mint, dark pepper, yogurt and coriander in grinder and tear in to parts. When it will mix then add chick into it and place it on a light heat. When Ghee starts pouring and ripe well then it is ready. Garnish it according to your likeliness and present it with Rice and flat bread. The meal is ready and all the instructions are given below in Urdu.

Chicken Recipe With Black Pepper

hurri murghi


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