Recipe In Urdu Of Pane Cake With Jam

A lot of dishes are prepared in all over the world. Mostly Pakistani meals are preferred because there are many sweet and spicy foods with a great taste. People are interested in making cake and other baking eatable things as like cookies etc. These can be used for parties and other such gatherings. Sometimes these are brought at home as birthday wishing. It has many healthy ingredients. It is made in many flavors like as chocolate, orange, strawberry and pine apple. There is a yummy pancake having a very easy and simple procedure to prepare. It is a new and tasty recipe for you people.


Flour 2, sugar 1 and milk 1 cup. Baking powder half spoon and oil as per requirement. Butter 2 spoons and 2 eggs. Few drops of vanilla while honey according to taste.


Filter the powder with great care. Now mix sugar, eggs and vanilla in it and shake well. now heat up oil in a non sticking pane. put the white flour in it and heat it up until it becomes brown colored. In this way the recipe is ready and you can eat it. Present it with hot tea to the guests. All the instructions for preparation are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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Pane Cake recipie


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