Rawalpindi Bhoja Airline Crashes News In Urdu

Bhoja Airline Plane Crashes Near Islamabad News In Urdu

Flight B4-213 crashed near Chaklala Rawalpindi which was coming from Karachi and carried 127 people. Weather is the most probable reason of this accident. Total 129 passengers were travelling including 57 females, 55 males and 11 children and 6 from the staff. Green signal was given to it but contact hanged over at 6:40. After 10 minutes it had a crash in a village Husain Abaad suburb of Islamabad. At the time of incident, it was about to land at Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Captain Naveed and co Pilot Mushtaque were taking off the flight from Karachi and onward. Witness say that fire broke out in air. Rescue teams arrived at the moment to help. Emergency was implemented in all the hospitals. This is the total time gap between life and death. It was an accident which happened within 11 seconds a huge number of people died. It was a very sad happening and whole nation burst in to tears after hearing the news. Whole families were fade away in few seconds and nothing remained there but the pieces of the body. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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