Raikot se Fairy Meadow Tak Javed Chaudhry Column

Daily Express Zero Point Javed Chaudhry Urdu Column

The article was published on 26 July, 2012 and it is the second episode of Javed Chaudhry’s trip to northern areas. The writer continued his journey and wrote that they went from hot chillas to Rai Kot Bridge. It was a difficult way and took more time than usual. In the way they saw the place where 18 Ehle Tashee were killed unfortunately on 28th February 2012. It was a very sad incident. How extremist people are and they think that it is their duty to kill the others which have different beliefs then them. They reached at the bridge. This place is called as base camp. Here the real journey starts. The road from here onward was really challenging. The jeep drivers charge 6000 per km here. The writer said that he was scared because one side is having high mountains and other side is so deep with water flowing. The fare was justifiable due to scary mountains. The upcoming track after Tatu village was more difficult and it could only be covered pedestrian. We kept on moving until the destination came. The place was having something special to be called as ferry meadows and that secret was one turn away from us. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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