Qarardad-e-Pakistan In Urdu

Qarardad-e-Maqasid In Detail For General Knowledge

On March evening, the session of subjects committee was called on. People were having their applications for debate but Quaid said that this matter should be postponed. It was decided that areas where Pakistan has huge mass, a new state will be formed there. When the resolution was passed, the people were unable to understand properly. The reason was that most of the part was in English. Zafar Ali Khan translated at in Urdu. When the debate started on the next day it was suggested that the names of the provinces completely so that clear statement could be given. When Muhammad Ali Jinnah started the address, there was a huge applaud and asked that what is this?. Then a person came inside and said ” Shair E Bangal aya hai”. Sir Yameen Khan was against it. Molana Fazlulhaq made his speech in and elaborated the hardships of Muslims. It was not expected that CH. Khaleeq Ul Zaman will be in favor of these proceedings but actually he did that. He was convinced from the speech. This was the whole story of this resolution. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Qarardad-e-Maqasid Detail in urdu

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