Plant which will be Used as a Reciprocal of Plastic News in Urdu

Nature is very beautiful. There are a lot of eye catcher’s views to whom you can see. These things make you comfortable. Almighty Allah gives us a bundle of blessing in the shape of their nature. You can watch them and thing them how it can be possible. World is very fast and there are plenty of inventions come into mind. People are creative they are busy in building and making strange kind of product. They are very sharp persons. News is related to artificial plant. Berlin professors, who were committed to introduce a different concept of resources in front of international market, There is a substitute of grass who has amazing kind of features. This type of grass not only useful for making of plastic but you can utilize for the construction process. With the help of this plant you can develop Hydrogen gas and apply it for energy. Energy could be produced from mustard flower but it is a costly process. Bonn University researchers who were busy to invent that type of Chinese grass which can produce oil, natural gas and coal. Full latest research news is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of this strange and interesting news.

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