Paneer Kabab Recipe In Urdu

                     Urdu Recipe Of Cheese Kebab

People love to eat different kinds of smart dishes. For this purpose they visit expensive restaurants, but now these can be prepared at homes as well and with larger ease. The procedure is very simple and easy. Hopefully you will understand it and you will be able to make it at home. It is liked more in the subcontinent. Females are considered as expert in preparing such things. These have a very attractive fragrance which can be smelt from a distance as well. You will easily get to know that these are being cooked.


Cottage cheese 2 cups, 1 onion, ginger 1 inch piece, black pepper 4, turmeric powder 1 spoon, salt as per taste, red pepper powder as per need, Qasouri fenugreek 1 spoon, coriander as well, corn flour 1 cup, oil 2 big spoons.


Cut the onion and pepper properly. Then crush the turmeric as well. Put cheese in a vessel and add flour, and other items also. Now keep this paste for a while and then wet your palm to make the kababs. Cover both sides with corn and heat up the oil. Adorn the plate with tissue papers and put the Kababs in it. These are ready to be eaten and serve it to the guests and enjoy the recipe.

paneer kabab


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