Pakistani Tennis Star Aisam ul Haq Qureshi Engagement With Faha Makhdum

Stars are the main persons of this era who have earn enough fame to inspire their lovers and admire their work. Their life are lovely and full of entertainment. They work hard to main their position in the heart of public. They are internationally recognized persons and the Govt of every country specially treated them with honor. They are a celebrities of their state, they are a good presenters of their home land as well traditions. Aisam ul Haq Qureshi is a Pakistani tennis player. He recently wrote his name in the list of top players. He is a only tennis player from Pakistan who was reached in the Grand Slam tournament. News is about the marriage of him with the Faha Makhdoom. She is a psychotherapist in a profession. Activities of stars are specially indicated and pointed in front of public. Media has a great role in the publicity of them as they show their even a little activities in front of people beautifully. There are some pictures of their marriage ceremony is given below. You can see it here and enjoy their auspicious moment of time.



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