Pakistan Flag Heart For Facebook

Flags are a most important symbols of all the countries. Every state are known by the specific color and design of their banner. It is a beautiful thing to that people of their specific state are love to retain. Independence Day of Pakistan August 14, 1947 is very important for all the Muslim. It was a day of freedom. We got it from the British Government. In the subcontinental when English people snatched authority from the Muslim then they tried to make them slaves. They gave them plenty of pains. They were helpless from all aspects. There was a problem of language which they don’t know. By seeing it it was an issue how to raise their voice. There were some good men who got education from London. They were well aware of it that how to talk with them. They established an institution and provide them education. After getting educated they standup and spoke fort their rights. Finally they got a separate land where they can spend their times according to their religious rules and regulations. This is a wonderful picture of Pakistani Flag in the heart shape. You can download it here and can save it in your desktop computers.

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