Orange Souffle Recipe In Urdu

Urdu Recipe For Orange Souffle

It is a trend to make variety of dishes at home instead of approaching to the hotels. One can easily prepare it with much convenience. Souffle is a very tasty sweet dish and it is so easy to bake this item. Oranges are useful and good for the health. The method is very simple and detailed guidelines are given here. The ingredients used are also fruitful for human health. It is admired by the young generation specially.


Butter 3 spoons, flour 1/4 cup, and salt as per taste, milk 2/3, orange juice 3, sugar 1/4 cup and 4 eggs.


Paste oil inside the dish. Heat up the butter and mix flour & salt in it. Add milk and juice in it and shake well. Keep on boiling until it becomes thick. Take 4 eggs and add it in this mixture. After putting sugar in the mixture, bake it at 325 degree for an hour and it is ready. Hopefully you will enjoy it and suggest to your friends as well. Whole procedure has been elaborated so simply for the convenience of the reader. It will assist you in doing practical implementation of it. You can share it with your fellows and family members. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Souffle recipie


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