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Robotic Dustbin For Home News In Urdu

Technology has totally changed the life of human being. It has provided us with a lot of ease and comfort. Now the moment you imagine something and the next moment that is available. Scientific research has achieved many milestones. In Japan a man made a bin which catches the dust automatically. It has a Kinect camera which sense the things coming toward it and it catches at the spot before the material fell down near it. This is the advancement. In modern days everything is possible. Life has become so fast and people have no time to spend on small activities. To save the time, and to keep the environment clean, this amazing dustbin has been introduced. Everyone will be on feet to purchase it as early as possible. It will be available in the stores and you can go for this buying and make the living easier. It is expected that in the coming years more advancements and improvements will be on the show, just buckle up your seat belts. These days every second is considered as the second of innovation. Hopefully you will admire this interesting innovation. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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