New Recipe In Urdu Of Gajar Pulao

Many recipes of rice are prepared in Pakistan. The popular are Pulao, Zarda Chicken and Mutton Baryani. Mostly people like baryani and pulao. They use them in meals and enjoy eating. There is a delicious recipe for you and read the way to make it. These days carrots are available easily in market and people use them for salad and juice. This image will tell you the new usage of carrots as these are very beneficial for health. Simple ingredients are used in this tasteful dish which increases its flavor. You should try this new recipe and enjoy a new taste of.


Good quality of Basmati Rice one cup and dip them in water for an hour. 2 Cashew, curran half cup. 6 green cardamom, 1 piece of taiz paat, oil one spoon, Sugar 2 spoon and salt as per taste


Take a deep pan and heat up the oil in it. Put cardamom and carrots in it and light fry it. Put rice in it when fragrance starts spreading. Then put sugar, salt and 2 cup water in it. Now heat them on light fire. Then use another pain and put oil to heat up. Add cashew in and fry it. When the color will change to brown then it is ready to be served to guests. All instructions are given in Urdu below and you can read it.

Urdu Recipe Of  Gajar Pulao With Little Sweet Taste

carrot pulao




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