New Funny Urdu Jokes For Kids

Humor is a part of life. These are found to be part of our gatherings. Smile provides a feel of comfort to us. People have different dimensions of the personality and humor is one of them. Everyone likes to sit with jolly character. When you read funny jokes you will start laughing surely. Its good for your mental relaxation. You will live more and a happy living is certain. These provide a comfort in presence of problems. Sometime you are unpleasant and hear hilarious comics you will get relief from that. There are some good and comical material for you. You can become a humorous person after reading it. These can be used to send as texts. These are floated on social media as well. Moods of the ladies and gents in a party can be changed in seconds with the help of these comics. These are also presented in a public gathering to amuse everyone. Children mostly love to hear such things. They often watch such channels which provide this fun related material. Different topics are discussed in them like pathan, sardar, Punjabi and English. These are part of our living now. All are given below in Urdu and you can study it.

funny joke