Necktie with USB Fan Interesting News in Urdu

Interesting and Research News in Urdu, now you can use necktie in summer seasons without any irritation because Japan introduced a new necktie with USB fan. Technologies are changing routinely as well by seeing it our life style too. We love to wear and listen about things which are amazing and latest. For this purpose researchers, scientists and specialists are working to make new items for the people. This is a time of IT and we know it is doing amazingly for the benefit of humans. Developed countries are far above in this field. United State America, Japan, China, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom etc are making amazing products for the public. News is about the summer season. Man community often feel difficulty how to wear tie in this hot time. This problem has been solved now. Scientists have made a product which has a system of fan. It can be used with universal serial bus which can be attached to the laptop. Fan is placed on the nod of tie and its speed can be control through software easily. Complete news related to this most interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information of it.

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