Mutton Biryani Recipe In Urdu

Urdu Recipe For Mutton Biryani

Many tasty foods are the gift of nature to Pakistan and India. In sub continent a variety of meals are prepared and served to guests. Ladies are considered as expertise in it. Many delicious dishes are prepared at home. This is a very aromatic tasty biryani. It is highly preferred in Bangladesh. Beef recipe is incredibly healthful to give energy and vitality to our body.


Chicken and rice 1 kg, pieced red pepper fifty gram, salt as per taste, plum 50, ciora 10, tomatoes 50, onion 50, garlic 20, turmeric 20, spices 10, yogurt 100, oil 250, ginger 20 and color 5 grams. Take coriander 1 fist.


Cut the onions and make it brown on a light fire. Then put in to a separate pot. Cook garlic and turmeric in the same utensil. Then put chicken along with other spices and keep on shaking until it changes its blush. Then put it also separately. Place plum and yogurt in this mixture and boil the rice. Keep on mixing it and at the end put the rest of the ingredients on it which were placed on a side. Hopefully you will cherish it. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

mutton biryani recipie


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