Mutton Fried Rescipe In Urdu

                              Spicy Mutton Fried Recipe in Urdu

Many types of meals are prepared in sub-continent. It has become a custom to serve the guests with variety of meals. They feel delighted on this act. Some people like spicy and others love sweet foods. It depends on everyone’s own choice. Here is a lovely dish for you. It is very simple to prepare. One can make it at home with much convenience. If you will try it at home, it will definitely add to your cooking exposure. Everyone likes mutton because it is a delicious dish. It is mostly preferred by the youngsters.


Mutton half kg, ghee 3 big spoons, 3 green onions, soya sauce 2 spoons, salt as per need


Mix the beef with sauce. Now take pan and heat up the oil in it. Put the ingredients in it. After 25 minutes pick it out as it is ready to be served. If you feel that it still needs some time, you can take few more minutes. This is a tasty recipe. Hopefully you will like it. You can get help from these instructions. These are written in a very simple manner. These will assist you in going for the practical experience. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Fried mutton

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