Muslim Names Started With (A)

Islam is a very respectable religion. Allah bless, with a lot of blessing to Muslims as world most beautiful names you can only listen in Islam. People are very conscious in the selection of their kids name like,


Boys          Meaning:               Girls        Meaning:

Amil          Invaluable/Unavailable     Amina    Honest/Faithful
Amir          Prince/Treetop                    Amora    Love
Amjad         Greater/Glory                    Amrah    Headgear
Ammar       Properous/Long Life        Amwaz    Lightening
Amanat      Security Deposit                Anasa   Lover/Single
Anayat        Favor/Grace                       Anashrah Represent
Aneeq         Embrace                              Anees    Companion/Friend
Anees         Companion/Close Friend
Aneq          Graceful Moon
A full list of lovely titles are given below in Urdu and English with their lovely meanings, and you can read it from here and can choose a most lovely name which suits your children.

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