Munno Bhai’s Urdu Column Dehshat Gardion Say Bhi Zyada Wehshat Gardiyan

Munno Bhai is a Pakistani Journalist. He is very famous and well-known personality. He earns his fame by writing articles on different topic. He discussed about our society which is going to be very death full condition. In the motherday of 21st century many people are thinking of it that this year we are extremely affected by terrorist. We are unable to think of it that according to the report of Human Right Commission of Pakistan women and children especially females belong to the poor family. On this matter our behavior is very miserable. If we go in the debt of it then easily we can write plenty of books on it. A bundle of dramas can be made on this sad subject of our state. Our man society is very stupid in this reality we have made restriction on girls. We do not want for the study of our females and we have established multiple barriers for them. It is undoubted that in the national assembly there are 22% women seats have been established and 17% in the senate. It is a very pleasant situation that we are working and improving our present country condition. On the other side according to the report of commission in 2010 there are 1090 ladies are killed. Complete column related to this important fact is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get to know very dismiss condition of our state.

punu aaqil

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