Munno Bhai Urdu Column Ujarti Media Ya Mafia Ki Middle Class

Munnu Bhai a very honest and popular personality. He wrote many other articles. He earns his fame by writing articles, poetry and dramas. He started his career through drama writing and his famous drama was “Ashiana”. He discussed about middle class people in the country. Commission is a bad evil which parties received from person. A complete population of 18Caror contains 4 to 5Caror of middle status and there are more than 3 segments of this status as upper, average, below and least down Class.  A big portion of our country depends on it and our major projects are establishes and run by these persons. There is a quest to increase your wealth and become rich in midnight. When these people selected as a bureaucrat their life style and rank has changed. Now this community not relates to that rank as their position has increased. Under come into rule they are not afraid of doing those tasks which create uncertainty and sin. Basically these levels of citizens rarely prove beneficial for country as they created an environment of misuse of resources. A full column related to this wonderful topic is given below in Urdu; you can read it here and can get knowledge of this happening.

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