Munno Bhai’s Urdu Column Nadaan Dost Aur Dana Dushman

Munnu Bhais is a very famous and intelligent writer. He discussed about the previous issue of Pakistan. Terrorist attacks are increasingly flourished here rapidly. That is become a big problem of us. It has given us huge loss till that time. Due to that problem we got attacked by them on the Mehran Base. There could be some purpose of it and it is looking for that they have achieved them. There were 6 people who started firing on the base. It was a whole 17 hours operation and it created huge loss to us. There could be a reason of it that, to damage the Pakistani’s security strength. It may be a reason of it that, our defending impression in front of whole world is showed to be a weaken one. We can see all of these purposive of that people are completed. They got very well benefit to destroy our defense power. Complete column related to this topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know others big attacks to our holly place of Pakistan.

rehman malik

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