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Socrates was a famous philosopher. His method of teaching was very interesting. The basic principal of his institute was to develop the ability of tolerance. His students used to believe on dialogue but that was creative debate. Those people use to remain in search of ideas and solutions of the queries. They didn’t quarrel with each other, and those who do so, they were expelled. They had the ability to bear one another. He said that a person can be scholar only if, he has the potential of patience. When dialogues stay in the literate people, they remain creative and constructive. In sittings, the students of his academy, do raise their right hand by saying, “I don’t agree”. There was a lot of effort required to reach this level. This is the scenario of Greek a century ago and now Pakistani mass is less tolerant in it. They start allegations on each other on very small things. They have no power to debate because they are not equipped with the knowledge. They criticism one another and speak ill of the ladies. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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