Mobile Phone Bacteria Harmful For Human

These days we are living in the age of technology. So we neglect many things which are working in our surroundings. We have lack of time to concentrate in them. A recent research has proved that a mobile is a home for the germs. Same is the case with the computer keyboards. These microbes shift to our stomach through hands. Cell phone has more bacteria than a toilet pipe according to the researchers. We can generalize that remote controls also have lot of such elements. Remotes are more frequently shared too, so they are usually even worse than phones for spreading them. We should wash our fists properly after using these items. This care will provide us safety and a healthy life. Doctors remain more conscious about it and keep on guiding us. We normally pay less attention on such facts but it is true that these factors exist. We consistently use such devices in our routines and never stop them until we sleep. The day starts by operating them. The main theme to discuss this story is that we should take great precautions and keep on washing our palms before having meals. We should make our habit before starting any meal. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Mobile Fone Jerms Are Harm Full

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