Microsoft Windows 8 Premiere

Now a day technology is on the peak. There are a lot of things that are developing everywhere on the globe. There are big giant that have a sole authority over the overall world technology. Sonny, Dell and Apple etc are the multinational companies that are supplying technological products to the whole globe. You know that there is a great competition between Microsoft and Apple industries. Both are producing amazing IT equipment’s that’s become necessity of life. Recently Microsoft introduced some feature of their latest software program window 8. It has an amazing features. We have designed it according to the current requirement. It is customized that you can use it as per your need. It has basically developed for the touchscreen. But you can operate it with mouse and touch pad.  According to report this software is established to finish the monopoly of Apple Ipaid. Their executive introduced that product from California, a one of his seminar. Complete news related to that interesting and wonderful topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information of it.

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